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Assassin's Creed 3

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Assassin's Creed III is an action-adventure game on PC. Desmond tries to prevent a destructive solar flare despite the eternal conflict between Assassins and Templars. Through the animus, he immersed himself in the middle of the American Revolution in the guise of another of his ancestors and Native English origins: Connor Kenway. Armed with new weapons including a Tomahawk, the player explores Boston and New York benefiting from innovations such as the weather or the possibility of scalable hunt.

Sniper Elite V2

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Sniper Elite V2 is a PC shooter in the third person. The app includes a "killcam" exclusive reward the best shots of the player following the path of the ball. This process will thus see the damage that it causes on the skeleton of the target with x-ray vision

Command & Conquer Generals 2

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Electronic Arts and Bioware have announced at Gamescom that is currently in Cologne, as Command & Conquer Generals 2 is a game like "free-to-play."

If we knew for a few months a strategy game in real time was free cartons EA, we had no idea that it would be Command & Conquer Generals 2, especially the two projects were carried out simultaneously by the publisher. Simple renaming or merging the two projects? We do not know any more at the moment. Recall that Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is out, a few months ago about this and also type "free to play" and play through the browser.

In an interview with our colleagues from IGN, Jon Van Caneghem, the man behind the series "Heroes of Might and Magic" and now head of the license Command & Conquer, EA, announced that wishes and that "a greater number of players can enjoy stunning graphics and a strategy game class AAA." For striking graphics, the engine Frostbite 2, which opened on Battlefield 3 which was held on philanthropy, it is still too early to judge.

Indeed, if some games are true "free-to-play" where the real money only brings rewards as cosmetics costumes for the characters, as in League of Legends, some titles have evolved into "Pay-to-Win "where is to offload some parts can be attributed major bonus in. Hopefully the second solution is not retained by the publisher.

The release date is not yet known, but entries for the closed beta test are already possible. In the meantime, here's the trailer:

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a FPS on PC that fits in the context of a hypothetical Third World War. Direct result of the two previous sections, the campaign takes us to four corners of the world to confront the Russians. Manhattan via London or Paris, the game connects combat situations and provides a setting modeled on that of the great Hollywood war movies. The game also features a multiplayer mode and a full coop mode.

Battlefield 4

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Game content and glory interwoven so that the "Battlefield 4" has become indicative action masterpiece. With the new generation Frostbite ™ 3 engine performance and fidelity blessing, "Battlefield 4" will provide an unprecedented deep and dramatic experience.

Only in "battlefield", you can destroy enemy hideouts building; only in the "battlefield", you can back from gunboats offensive. "Battlefield" will allow you to move freely and development, allowing you to exhibition director, to develop your own road to victory.

In addition to signs of multiplayer modes, "Battlefield 4" is also exciting, action role-oriented, your team must withdraw American dignitaries in Shanghai, fighting all the way to return home.

Rich and fantastic content, soon joined the "battlefield" only full-scale war, expand spectacular muddy fight it.

ArmA 3

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ArmA III is a shooter first-person PC based simulation, putting you in the shoes of Captain Scott Miller. In a relatively futuristic context, the brave Captain and some of his men are trapped on a Mediterranean island full of hostile enemies. To you to complete your objectives in these unfavorable conditions.

Crysis 3

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Crysis 3 is a shooter in first person (FPS) on PC. In 2047, New York has become a form of jungle from its investment in a nano-dome designed by paramilitary forces CELL. The Prophet commands, you must outwit this artificial protection which hides some dark intentions.

XCOM - Enemy Unknown

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a PC game combining tactics, management and strategy as part of a secret war against alien invaders. The game puts you at the head of a special organization mandated to protect the Earth. So you have to manage your base, develop technologies and train your troops to clashes taking place in turn. The app also offers a competitive multiplayer mode for two participants.

Total War : Rome II

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Total War series never stops to return to the sources and it is not nearly tired fans. After offering us a little back in feudal Japan with Total War: Shogun 2, The Creative Assembly is now attacking another period has been delighting fans of strategy. The first Rome Total War is indeed an episode that has the strongest players. Get out of your closet praetorian helmet, a legion awaits your orders and shows a willingness to expand the frontiers of the Roman republic.

  • You will see the country, they said

The map has large air ...
Total War: Rome II focuses specifically on the events located between the First Punic War and the beginning of the Empire. Good thing this is a period of expansion for Rome and is therefore suitable for us to travel. This is an opportunity to see that the general map of the country has once again been carefully. It is vast, almost four times larger than the map of Shogun 2, and it includes some really different parts of their culture and climate. As a reminder, at the height of his glory, Rome controlled almost all of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, but also much of the Middle East. In short, your expansionist ambitions will undoubtedly opportunities. This may be a detail, but the landscape of this map were worked to transcribe in a glance ambiance to each country. Vegetation will not be the same, the architecture of cities will also be different. In short, the small side management becomes even more enjoyable in these conditions.

  • More extensive political aspects

We do not have the opportunity to dwell on all the news of this album that seem to deepen its management aspect, we prefer to focus on the policy takes on a prominent place. In fact, you will not only manage diplomacy with foreign nations, but also the balance of power even within the Republic. The presentation has allowed us, for example to know the three great Roman houses that take late. For you to balance the power relations favoring one by marrying your daughter to shoot another or even adopting a child of a third. A rival in your way? You can try to corrupt or even kill it outright. CAUTION: This may be a spiteful hair if the maneuver fails ... It reached a level of complexity that gradually approach that of the production of Paradox Interactive. Also note that the title now has a small appearance in the RPG progression system: units continue to take individual braids in combat, but the armies as a whole can now grow, develop special skills, and keep them even if all the fighters pass the bucket. This is sort of the general who learns new techniques and is able to use raising a new army.

  • On the battlefield

We can now land the troops in battle.
This presentation of Total War: Rome II was particularly dense but it also gave us the opportunity to get their hands dirty during a small battle in Egypt. We have found that the reliefs were indeed more than ever a strategic importance of size: the Egyptians were located in a defensive position on top of a rather steep hill and had a distinct advantage over the Romans placed below. The only chance for them not to be trampled by elephants, decimated by triggerfish or push by the tanks was all around. They also had a small fleet capable of landing ground units and then take the Egyptians setbacks. It is indeed one of the novelties of this album, just start a fight near vessels that they find themselves directly in battle. In this case, we had to manage by both the troops who fought on the hill and ships maneuvered into the Nile. Suffice to say that Rome II is not finished tickle all strategists grass.

Wargame AirLand Battle

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Wargame: AirLand Battle is a strategy game on PC. This places the player in the middle of a fictional conflict taking place between 1975 and 1985 in Scandinavia. The Warsaw Pact and NATO will face using 828 separate units to win, solo in a campaign to turn in games or online opponent up to 20 players.

Diablo 3

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Diablo 3 on PC is a hack slash (RPG oriented action) that takes place in a dark fantasy world 20 years after the events narrated in Diablo 2. The player has the option to create a hero among the five available classes to confront evil in all its forms. Boasting a single player and multiplayer, Diablo III will also travel well in previous levels in previous games in new territories.

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Grand Theft Auto 4 : GTA IV

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GTA 4 PC is an action game set in a virtual New York, called Liberty City. The player will incarnate Niko Bellic, an original character is European, it must pass dozens of missions in a very vast. Intended for an adult audience due to the ubiquity of physical and verbal violence, Grand Theft Auto IV is actually a simulator banditry also offers multiplayer and downloadable content online

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Obviously, if you were talking about Spider-Man, Magneto or Sabretooth, immediately you'll identify them without any problems. They are part of the cast of superheroes that are often exported to the cinema and who are currently on the rise, if it identifies long last recently released (Iron Man 3, for example) films. However, either side of the villains (or heroes too), many of them are still in the dark and still not finally known as big fans of comics. Yet there is a well Activision spotted and decided to set our hands consoleux. By far, this is true, it looks like Spider-Man, his bright red suit attesting. But approaching a little and especially listening, no doubt, this is not the kind that Peter Parker's hiding under there. Deadpool, on the contrary, the antithesis of Spiderman, its negative. Parker is the hand on the heart, while Deadpool is rather hand in your face. This is the type barred and totally rude, who has faith in nothing and respects no one. And finally it is here that it becomes endearing and he deserves just as much as the others, to know its heyday.

Blades, guns, class: Deadpool
This tendency to make fun of everything and behave like a marmoset, entry is found in the prologue of the game From the intro, seen slumped on the couch balanced in the middle of an apartment where the woman household abandoned the idea to set foot. It is there, quiet, scratching ostensibly genitals while uttering a few insults to the TV commentator. Because yes, we forgot to tell you, the peculiarity of Deadpool is that he is aware of being part of a video game, and when it does not comment on everything he does, he will address purely and just the player (in the theater, the screen is called the imaginary fourth wall). A fun interaction and especially releasing a stamp that really differentiates this title from other beat'em all. Any other game for that matter. Before leaving for the first mission, we still wanted to know if the developers have pushed the delirium of character at its peak. So, click on all the possible interactions of the apartment. Geek at his PC that submits its updated CV to guy sitting on the toilet we touting the benefits of burritos on the digestive tract, Deadpool will spare us no shot. And yet, it is not talking about the scene where he is preparing pancakes, or that of the pizza (still leave some surprises hot). The most amazing thing in all this is that even after twenty minutes, his monologue never turn loop proof that High Moon Studios has really worked the character. More than the game can be.

"Do not ever call me Leonardo!"
On the ground, stamped happy be as expressive qu'expéditif. Deadpool is a classic beat 'em all in a 3D environment, with waves of enemies to knock. Seen fairly quickly in this part that takes place in a building, both graphically and in terms of level design, nothing to jump to the ceiling level imagination. But the hero holds the screen so its incessant valves that interest in the game going almost secondary. However, this does not diminish the pleasure to develop this barjot and twirling in the air to make combos of patients, and clear an area in two seconds. Nervous and enjoyable for a very simple and fast gameplay grip body to body, ultimately it is nice from time to time. So, from the first packs can make some beautiful sequences hammering a button or two, no more. To diversify a little action, Deadpool will also have the possibility of drawing two big guns for gunfights which, again, invent nothing but merit boost things a little. To find bullets, do not worry, you will recover the body. You can not miss them, they are not represented a floating icon. Moreover, speaking of that, it should also be noted that this will be upgradable arsenal. By collecting a maximum of items in the different levels, you can go do some shopping in the armory. Buy mines and grenades are also good advice, especially when it comes to face the bosses such as the gatling that runs after you in the lobby. Damn as a classic beat'em all Deadpool does not pretend to be a benchmark in the genre. More influenced by the personality of the hero, self-deprecating, replicas as vulgar as funny, the game manages through this big gain to take us further than certainly would have done any other way. Play the game from Activision is to accept to have in your hands a simple game and unpretentious, but with a great atmosphere and a character that really deserves to emerge from the shadows.

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SimCity is a management game for PC. You play as the mayor of a city and you have full control over its construction and development. Imagine your ideal city and try to build despite the worries of pollution, fire or crime. Via the internet, the game allows to establish relationships between different cities created by players.

Starcraft 2 HotS

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Starcraft II - Zerg: Heart of the Swarm is a strategy game in real time on PC in a galaxy where three factions fighting without thank you. On the one hand, the Terrans, descendants of human colonists. On the other hand, the Protoss, a race very technologically advanced and equipped with psionic powers. Finally, the Zerg hordes of creatures from various biological mutations and grouped swarm. The album includes the single player campaign Zerg and everything needed to play multiplayer.

Remember Me

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Remember Me is an action / adventure on PC taking place in 2084 in Neo-Paris. Memorize the company will control the souvenir trade scanned, which opposes the Ni'lin, the amnesiac heroine of the story trying to find his stolen past while denouncing the excesses of the system.

Top Gun : Hard Lock

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Top Gun: Hard Lock is a flight simulation PC. Based on the hit movie of the 80s, Top Gun: Hard Lock takes place today. The game features new pilots straight out of the famous Top Gun academy. Beat at high speed along your F-14 Tomcat and other original equipment.

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Metro Last Light

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Metro: Last Light is a FPS on PC that immerses the player in a post-apocalyptic future. The survivors live in the Moscow metro and compete for the remaining resources while fighting against mutants from the surface. Artyom, the hero must prevent a war and reconcile beings.